Ordinary People, Extraordinary Results

Webinar program

Month #1 - Personal Development
Month #2 – Potentials We All Have
Month #3 – Wishes, Dreams, Goals
Month #4 – Persistence
Month #5 – Change Your Thoughts
Month #6 – Becoming a person of Excellence
Month #7 – Time management
Month #8 - Teamwork
Month #9 – Leadership at its best
Month #10 – Working with difficult people   
Month #11 – Effective Communication
Month #12 - Embracing change
Month #13 - Peak performance
Month #14 – Giving Back & Certification


Giving back

“Keep on Pushing Foundation”

Foundation Overview

The Global Webinar Series is a global event to the core. There is not global Foundation more worthy no other of support than the “Keep on Pushing Foundation”. The Foundation’s many programs focus on enhancing the lives of children, youth and their families in disadvantage communities. The Global Webinar Series emphasizes the importance of giving back, and encourages everyone to acknowledge and support the Keep On Pushing Foundation and those who can benefit greatly from our help.

We will support foundation with founds raised as a portion from every attendee at Global Webinar Series