Webinar Specifics


High Performance Group is pleased to present Global Webinar Series at exact dates and times.

Below is the webinar timeline.

  1. You will be sent a registration link prior to each webinar. You will be required to sign up for the webinar using that link. You can sign up for SINGLE and/or MONTHLY (2 webinars per month to cover specific topic) and/or FULL YEAR (more than 24 webinars + High Performance Specialist Certification) webinar program. Please note you have to pay in advance each webinar and/or module (MONTH and/or FULL YEAR). You can cancel your registration but this must be done at least 48 hours before the scheduled webinar session (or selected month program) by emailing us  at info@highperformance.si. Please note we have limited spaces for each webinar session. Therefore we encourage you to register early.
  2. A notification will be sent via email to all registered attendees 24 hours before ac webinar session. Another reminder will be sent 1 hour prior to the scheduled start. Please note, every webinar will be starting promptly every second and fourth Thursday (dates are specified by each month description) at 3 PM EST.
  3. Webinar session start at 3 PM EST. All attendees are encouraged to be on line on time.
  4. Each webinar session will last for 75 min. including a min Q & A at the end. The webinars will be hosted by Devon Harris and Andrej Miklavc.
  5. We encourage each attendee to participate in the sessions. You are welcome to send questions prior to the webinar to info@highperformance.si.
  6. A recording of the webinar session will be available to all registered attendees.