Global Webinar Series Prices

SIGLE webinar registration
Price to attend a single Webinar is $ 69

MONTHLY webinar registration (included 2 webinars to cover month topic)
Price to attend Monthly Webinars is $ 120 (2 webinars)

FULL YEAR webinar registration + Certification (High Performance Specialist)
Price to attend a Full Year webinar program is $ 1200 (24 webinars + Certificate)

You can apply for individual Coaching Session via Skype, email or phone. Coaching can be provided for specific area of your life (Personal, Business) at your appropriate time. Coaching session takes 45 minutes.

Price for one session is $ 240.
Price for 3 sessions is $ 600.
Price for 6 sessions is $ 1,080.
Price for 10 sessions is $ 1,500.
*This is available to general audience and you don’t need to be registered for Global Webinar Series.

High Performance achievers conference is available for Full Year Global Webinar Series attendees only and will be held in Portoroz – Slovenia in March 2015. This two day event will be the Mastermind Achievers conference for Certified High Performance Specialist. Program will cover best of the Coaching practice with unparallel life challenges for all. Number of attendees at High Performance Achievers Conference is limited to 50 people.

Price for registration is $ 5,500 per person.