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Global Webinar Orientation Package

Are You?
Looking to motivate yourself in order to reach your full potential? Searching for unique tools to kick start the new beginning? Wanting to inspire your close friends and associates? Looking to gather with like minded people? Interested in learning valuable life skills that can be used in your personal and professional life? Interest in working with the best? Looking to gather in meaningful project focused on answers you want to hear? Looking for a helping hand to take you from where you are to where you want to be?


Our Innovation and Solution

The Global Webinar Series

WHY We at High Performance Group believe in YOUR unlimited potential.  We know what it means to start to create EXTRAORDINARY from ORDINARY. We truly believe our ideas can make a difference in your life. Our audience is the main proof of the quality of our work.
High Performance Group is delighted to partner with the »Keep on Pushing Foundation« to raise awareness and funds for meaningful cause.

HOW Simple, accessible, anytime, interactive, from where ever you are, via your computer or mobile device. Webinar is hosted on the platform “GoToWebinar”. Easy to set up with no costs involved!

WHAT Global Webinar Series is a one year webinar program, hosted by world renowned Speakers, High Impact Coaches & Consultants, Olympians Devon Harris and Andrej Miklavc. Program is divided into 12 main areas (one topic each month). Each area (topic) will be subject of 2 webinars per month + chance to book private session + chance to become a Certified High Performance Specialist.

WHERE Online. 
WHEN Every second and fourth Thursday at 3PM EST.